Our Building

When we set out to create Claire’s on Cedros we decided our building should be as sustainable as our menu. Our team of professionals spent a lot of time planning and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Our project is LEED® Platinum certified, making it the first restaurant of this distinction in San Diego.

We aren’t stopping there. We plan to run our business using environmental practices that ensure sustainability. To us, the planet we live on is very important. We want to take care of this place we call home to the best of our abilities.

Our Employees

Our Employees are our most valuable asset. They are what makes our restaurant possible. It is our intention to treat our staff with respect and support so that they can do their jobs well. It is our responsibility to provide our crew with an environment that says we are so happy you are here. We are grateful that they have chosen to work for us. We feel that if we support our employees well they will treat our customers well.

We recognize that our success is everyone’s success and it only happens if everyone feels that they are valuable members of the team.

Our Community

We are excited to be a part of the Solana Beach community. It is our intention to be a good neighbor and to extend our hospitality beyond the doors of our restaurant. Our hope is that our presence will enrich and better Solana Beach. We look forward to supporting our next door neighbor, the Solana Beach School District, and being involved in community events and activities.

Claire Allison

I moved to San Diego in 1963 with my family from the Midwest. I attended San Diego schools and went on to graduate from San Diego State University in home economics. Having grown up in San Diego I’ve seen many changes and made a lot of friends. At age 19 I met my husband, Greg. We have two daughters and we live in North County. While raising my family I wanted to create a recipe for wholesome bread that my girls would eat. They loved it and so did America. That bread recipe became Milton’s Multigrain Bread when I sold it to the owners of Milton’s. I worked for Milton’s Delicatessen for 12 years running their bakery.

Recently an opportunity came up when Terrie Boley, a long time friend came to me and asked if I’d like to partner with her and create our own restaurant. It was a dream come true. Terrie and I both come from similar backgrounds and share similar beliefs. Together we hope to run a breakfast and lunch place where you can eat wholesome food in an environment that makes you feel as if you never left home. We’re hoping you can join us at Claire’s on Cedros soon.

Terrie Boley

No, I’m not a great cook. Sure, my family willingly eats what I prepare, but nobody would ever pay for it. So why a restaurant? I guess you could call me an entrepreneur. Sometimes that’s what I put on applications. What I really enjoy is working with smart, talented, and passionate people to build something great. And it’s been a good formula for me.

I grew up in LA, the daughter of an accountant, and went to college at SDSU. I started as a high school Math teacher in Bonita but spent most of my career as a software engineer in San Diego’s telecommunications industry. I’ve been on the founding team of two successful hi-tech startup companies. I’ve built, run, and sold for a profit a horse boarding and training facility in Olivenhain. And all these ventures were good times with close friends.

So why a restaurant? Today I see another opportunity to create something great and this time with my very talented and inspired friend, Claire Allison. I know the food will be terrific because Claire loves to cook for her friends all the time. And the environment is warm and welcoming, just like it is at Claire’s home.